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My Service


Animal Research

  • Animal welfare and ethics

  • Animal welfare law

  • Talks (lectures), seminars (webinars), workshops, event-moderation

Culture of Care

  • Implementation of a positive Culture of Care

  • Caring and focus on animal wellbeing

  • Communication (internal / external)

  • Errorculture (internal)

  • Compassionate leadership

  • Talks (lectures), seminars (webinars), workshops, event- moderation (CoC)

Culture of Care &

Resilience training     

  • Culture of Care and compassion fatigue - emotional strain in animal research (seminars, talks, workshops)

  • Culture of Care and resilience in animal research (seminars, talks and workshops)

Culture of Care & Resilience

Through my different professional positions at universities, research institutes and research companies, I have experienced these challenges and especially the tension of animal experiments in research from different perspectives.


Based on my own professional situation, I not only dared to make professional changes, but also decided to study medicine, ethics and law. Insecure working conditions, a high workload, social stigmatisation of animal research, moral conflicts and the lack of a supportive work culture are causes of work-related stress and pose a risk for the development of psychosocial diseases. I have therefore undergone additional training in the topic of a healthy working environment to become a resilience trainer, compassion fatigue professional and mental health first aider.

I integrate my soft skills, professional experience, science education and knowledge from further training are essential elements of my training services on culture of care in animal research. The integration of resilience training  is particularly useful to strengthen inner resilience for working in animal research.

If you are interested, I offer a  free initial consultation.

Let´s have a look together what a possible cooperation could look like. 


My Service


Animal Research Hub

  • Animal study protocol

  • Animal research law, animal protection, animal wellbeing

  • Administrative work

Culture of Care Hub

  • Development supportive work culture

  • Development communication- and errorculture

  • Development ethic codex

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